Alex Benitez is a Bay Area native, having grown up in Mountain View, California, and is currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. Alex performs regularly in Boston Massachusetts and still tours within the Bay Area as well.

Alex began his musical career in 2007 with The Mechanical Snails, a 60s style blues rock band. In 2009 Alex began his solo career. While the influence and soulful sounds of blues can still be heard in Alex’s music his solo career includes a more eclectic range of sounds and influences. Listening to Alex’s solo work, one can hear melodies reminiscent of The Beatles, as well as psychedelic sounds of the 60’s, and sweet love ballads with clever lyrics, catchy tunes and heart-felt sentiment that rivals some of the most popular romantic vocalists and artists of our day. On this release, Alex was backed on drums, other instrumentation and vocal harmonies by sf bay area friends, "the Monterey Jacks".

Alex Benitez’s new album has something for everyone. “The updated psychedelic sounds pay homage to the 60s and 70s and the clever arrangements, instrumentation and vocalization in Alex's music are incredibly creative and part of what makes his sound so unique and special” says 7th World~studios producer, Paul W. Draper.



    Alex Benitez five song EP "Maria"




  "I Flew Away", Alex Benitez


Alex Benitez full length CD 2011 "Alex Benitez"


"Coming to You", Alex Benitez


    "I Wish It Were Me", Alex Benitez
  "You Ain't Mine" / "Pearline"
(Son House-arrangement), Alex Benitez
  "There's Only One Like Me", Alex Benitez
  "Muriel", Alex Benitez with Eliot Chamberlain