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The way to beat fundamentalism is to find yourself interred at a fundamentalist drug rehabilitation facility for eighteen months as a teenager. “I was only on pills for half as long,” says John Murry about the pharmaceutical speed he was given as a “slow” student at his Mississippi high school. “They gave me the pills and then they locked me up when I took them






Alex Benitez is a Bay Area native, having grown up in Redwood City, California, and is currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. Alex performs regularly in Boston Massachusetts and still tours within the
Bay area






In 1978 "The Roomates" played notorious San Francisco punk clubs with The DK's, The Cramps, The Stranglers, Gang of Four and The Ramones to name just a few! When the band split Philip spent a short time in Half Church before.






The Sleepers came from Palo Alto, a quiet college town south of San Francisco. Their first gig was at the Mabuhay, Christmas night 1977. The Sleepers sound was primarily a blend of Ricky Williams' vocals (Crime's original drummer) and the neo-psychedelic melodies