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7th World Studios is an independent record label dedicated to promoting new artists. 7th World Studios boasts one of the most talented music producers to come out of the post-punk era. Paul W.Draper began producing in the late 1970s with music label WiN Records. 7th World Studios later emerged from WiN Records as a more eclectic label focused on discovering new independent artists from all musical genres.



    Alex Benitez five song EP "Maria"



"Little Colored Balloons", John Murry



Alex Benitez full length CD 2011 "Alex Benitez"

  "Things We Lost In The Fire", John Murry
  Eliot Chamberlain full length CD late 2012
"In the Middle of Somewhere"
  "That One Song", Letters Make Words
Warped Tour 2009
  Start single 1980 "No Direction" B/W
"Invisible Man" (7" Vinyl 45 single)
  "Lead Me Astray", Phil Peters
  Half Church 12 inch vinyl EP 45 " In Turmoil"
( Vinyl EP)
  "There's Only One Like Me", Alex Benitez
Camisado(7" Vinyl 45 single)
  "Muriel", Alex Benitez with Eliot Chamberlain
Phil Peters "Fall from Grace"
  "I Wish It Were Me", Alex Benitez
Phil Peters full length CD "Spiriling Down with You"

  "You Ain't Mine" / "Pearline"
(Son House-arrangement), Alex Benitez
Letters Make Words 6-song EP CD 2007 "the analog ep"
  "Coming to You", Alex Benitez
  Quiet Room single 1981 "She Sits Alone" B/W
"Pictures in the Attic" (7" Vinyl 45 single)

Philip Peters full length CD 2013 "A Kiss From Darla

Green Door full length CD 2013 "Green Door"
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